Variform Compression Treatment In Lymphoedema

Lymphedema is swelling caused by interference with the normal drainage of lymph back in to the blood. Rarely, lymphedema is obvious at birth. More often, it appears later in life from either congenital (primary lymphoedema) or acquired causes (secondary lymphoedema).


Congenital lymphedema results from having so few lymphatic vessels that they can’t handle all the lymph. The problem almost always affects the legs; rarely, it affects the arms. Women are much more likely than men to have congenital lymphedema.


Acquired lymphedema is more common than congenital lymphedema. It typically appears after major surgical treatment, especially after cancer treatment in which lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels are removed or irritated with x-rays. For example, the arm may become prone to swelling after removal of a cancerous breast and associated lymph nodes.

Scarring of repeatedly infected lymphatic vessels also may cause lymphedema, but this is very uncommon except in infection by the tropical parasite Filaria. In acquired lymphedema, the skin looks healthy but it is puffy or swollen. Pressing the area with a finger doesn’t leave an indentation, as it does when swelling caused by an accumulation of fluid (edema) results from inadequate blood flow in the veins. In rare instances, the swollen limb is extremely large and the skin is so thick and ridged that it looks almost like elephant skin (elephantiasis). Lymphedema has no cure. For people with mild lymphedema, medical compression sleeves or stockings can reduce the swelling.

Compression plays an important part in the treatment of lymphedema in the hand, arm, leg or elswhere. The compressive knitted fabric increase the pressure on the tissue layers in the arm to improve lymphatic drainage from the regional lymph nodes. This prevents renewed swelling (reoedematisation) of the extremity and stabilizes the results of previous treatment.


The air permeable, skin friendly knit with a pressure gradient that steadily decreases from bottom to up ensures physiological lymph flow. The lymphoedema sleeve moulds itself to the limb. Flat knitted compression stockings or round knitted compression sleeves with high wall stability are used for lymphoedema and lipoedema. They help to keep the oedema constant after decongestion. Varimed offers different qualities with functional characteristics, according to respective indications.

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