Support Stockings To Prevent Venous Diseases

Swollen feet or heavy legs are not only women experience but also recognise the symptoms after standing or siting at work all day or after a long journey by plane or by car.


Long periods of standing or sitting can trigger blood congestion in the veins, leading to a gradual enlargement of the vein walls. Support Stockings with the correct pressure distribution that decreases from the ankle upwards promote the flow of blood and are therefore an ideal preventative measure for both men and women. Support stocking with correct compression distribution
decreasing from the foot upwards accelerate blood flow and are therefore an ideal preventative measure for both men and women.


Support stockings are worn by health persons as a preventive measure against venous problems. They are thinner than compression stockings and pressure on the leg is not as high as with compression stockings. Nevertheless, they actively support the blood flow in the legs.Venous insufficiency is a chronic disease triggered by many risk factors such as sedentary lifestyles, inheritance, excessive weight, pregnancy, hormone treatments. Support stockings have a significant benefit in protecting against these risk factors.


While support stockings can be purchased without prescription, medical compression stockings are generally prescribed by a physician for therapeutic purposes in the case of a venous disease.


Four compression degrees available for Varimed Support Stockings:


  • 40 den 6-9 mmHg (extra light compression)
  • 70 den 9-12 mmHg (light compression)
  • 140 den 15-20 mmHg (medium compression)
  • 280 den 20-25 mmHg (strong compression)


The denier indicate the size (diameter) of the yarn used to weave the stockings. As the yarn denier increases, the compression of the fabric increases, but the socks are less transparent.

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