Scientific Evidence Of Compression Treatment

In the following the results of two scientific studies that show the effects of compression treatment on chronic vascular diseases


*This consensus study as per editor Hugo Partsch1 is the result of an international expert meeting organized by the International Union of Phlebology (IUP) in August 2003 (Table 1). Recommended levels of compression in treatment of A, B and C are rated at three levels. The higher statistic significant level, large randomize control trials and metaanalyses with homogenous results were assigned to a recommendation level A, the higher statistic significant level, smaller or the higher statistic significant level, single randomize control trials to a level B and observational studies or the opinion of the experts were taken as level C. The following table summarizes the clinical indications for compression class (A, I, II, III) according to the European CEN regulation of recommendation for stockings. Chronic venous disorders are differentiated following the CEAP classification: C0 no visible varices, C1 teleangictasias, C2 large varicose veins, C3 oedema, C4 skin changes, C5 ulcer scar, C6 venous ulcer.


Table 1. Scientific Evidence Of Compression Treatment, Hugo Partsch (2003)



C0, C1 symptomatic B B
C1 B B
C2 asymptomatic C
C2 symptomatic C
C2 pregnancy B B
C2 After surgery C C C
C2 After scleroteraphy C B-C
C3 B
C4b (LDS) B
C5 B B B
C6 B
DVT prevention A-B A-B
Flights B B
DVT therapy B B
PTS prevention B B A
Lymphoedema C C


DVT= Deep Vein Thrombosis, PTS= Postthrombotic Syndrome


** Marcondes Figuieredo2, summarized the scientific evidence in the meeting of International Compression
Club in Paris in November 2007 (Table 2).


Table 2- Scientific Evidence Of Compression Treatment, Marcondes Figueiredo (2009)



INDICATIONS Compression (mm Hg)
10-20 20-30 30-40
C0 s 1B
C1 s 1B
C1 s post-sclerotherapy 1B
C2 a, s 1B 2B
C2 pregnancy 1B 1B
C3 prevention 1B
C3 therapy 2B
C4 B 1B 1B
C5 2B 1A
C6 1B
C6 B
VTE Prevention 1A
VTE Therapy 1B
PTS Prevention 1A
PTS Therapy 2B
Lymphoedema Therapy 1B


a=asymptomatic; s=symptomatic; PTS=post-thrombotic syndrome; VTE=venous thromboembolism

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