Rosidal K

Rosidal K is a premium 100% cotton short stretch compression bandage used for management of acute and chronic Lymphedema, venous edema and other venous conditions

TG Stockinette

The TG Tubular Stockinette is a multifunctional close-meshed, seamlessly knitted tubular bandage which may be used as the first layer in Lymphedema bandaging to provide light padding and protection to the skin


Mollelast® is a flexible and comfortable, open-weave conforming gauze bandage that is ideal for wrapping fingers and toes in Lymphedema bandaging as well as for fixation of all kinds


Cellona synthetic padding provides a soft and protective under layer within a multi-layer compression bandage, helping to evenly distribute the gradient pressure of the bandages

Rosidal Soft

Rosidal Soft is the “ideal” padding – protective, soft and comfortable, used under short stretch compression bandages it provides light padding and helps distribute the compressive pressure of the bandages

Komprex Shapes

Komprex foam rubber shapes are made from a closed-cell, dense foam that, when used in combination with other compression products, provides increased local pressure that helps soften fibrosis and thickened skin

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