Varimed ® Anti-Embolism Stockings “Thrombosis Prophylaxis TS ENV 12 719 Medical Socks” benefit in accordance with the patient and is designed to provide maximum comfort. Below the knee, thighs, the waist size and types of belts manufactured socks, include a wide measurement range measurement system. In addition, to ensure easy separation of the heel area of the body is given a separate color. Socks has a finger hole of a check which under the control of blood circulation. Prevents the sock from slipping leg and thigh length type silicon elastic band profile of pressure drop is nondestructive. Articulated leg does not bother the arch-type transparent with excellent flexibility and softness to your waist inner seam and easily adjustable elastic waist belt used in the tire. Öko-Tex 100 certified materials production completely worn socks during the allergic effects that may occur on the skin was reduced to a minimum. Varimed ® Anti-Embolism Çorabındaki pressure, thigh to ankle, wrist, gradually decreasing the pressure is maximum and a pressure profile draws.

Areas of Use

  • Protects against deep vein thrombosis in patients with immobile.
  •  Providing a degree of blood flow increases the speed of printing.
  •  Chronic venous stasis increases blood flow to other venous disorders.


  • Conditions exacerbated the regional leg of fasting;


  1. Cellulite
  2. Skin infections,
  3. gangrene,
  4. voidable,
  5. A recent graffiti on the skin,
  6. Panikülit,


  • Severe arteriosclerosis or other ischemic vascular disease,
  • Severe edema of the legs or pulmonary edema due to congestive heart disease,
  • Excessive degree of deformity in the legs

Compression Therapy in the Prevention of deep vein thrombosis

Clogging of blood vessels deep deep vein thrombosis.Thrombosis of blood vessels called pıhtıya. Despite the formation of both superficial and deep leg vein thrombosis, thrombosis of deep veins is the real danger. All or a portion broken due to being dangerous thrombus, leading to the lung artery, blocking blood flow and blood flow of mixed mania is. Moving embolus is called thrombosis. Deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins should not be confused flebitiyle. Phlebitis painful, but relatively harmless.

Three factors could cause deep vein thrombosis: First, the vessel wall damage, secondly, the blood clots that lead to such conditions that increase the tendency of some types of cancer among oral contraceptive use, and rarely takes place and thirdly, the slow down blood flow in arteries. This situation may occur with prolonged bed rest because the calf muscles can not provide kasılmayacak and blood flow to the heart. As an example, for several days in hospital after a heart attack and patients can exercise very little leg or having to sit through a long period, and the muscles that may occur in patients parablejik is not functional. Trauma or major surgery may increase the tendency to clot. In case the vehicle or to make long-distance air travel, even in healthy individuals who are still remaining.

Deep vein thrombosis as a symptom of people who seem half full. The first symptom of pulmonary disease in humans may be due to pulmonary embolism. When it causes inflammation and obstruction of blood flow trombozuz deep calf veins can be painful and swollen, sensitive, and may be hot to touch. Held vein, depending on the wrist, leg and thigh to swell.

Some thrombi are converted to heal scar tissue and this can damage the blood vessels in the leaflets. As a result of accumulation of fluid in the wrist may be swollen. Depending on size of vessel involved came up severe congestion may spread to the leg and thigh edema may also occur. Payments to stand or sit during the day depending on the force of gravity towards the end of day worse. Easily discharged through the night, blood vessels and edema of the legs is reduced to the horizontal position. Kaldırılamamasına completely eliminated the risk of deep vein thrombosis can be reduced in some ways though.

This is one of the ways to wear anti embolism stockings. Anti-embolism stockings increase blood flow and clotting in the legs reduces uygularak constant pressure. Anti-embolism stockings, high ankle, calf and thigh correctly implements a decreasing external pressure. Thus, deep vein increases blood flow system.







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