In addition to specifications of Compression Stocking,Varimed® Anti-Bacterial Compression Stockings are produced with Pure Silver Thread and Cotton Yarns. We combined the benefits of silver and naturalniss of cotton in this product.Medical compression stockings with cotton are ideal for the users who have sensitive skin and like natural usage thanks to containing the %100 cotton material on the skin. In addition to specifications of cotton, below silver features are added on this product.


Fights bacteria which cause odours and eliminates fungi responsible for the feet and promotes hygiene of the feet and legs.


Disperse the electrostatic charge.


Thanks to its conductive characteristics this new fibre gives benefits to health and favour blood circulation. It is also good for diabet patients.


Fresh in summer and warm in winter for its thermal conductivity, the reflecting power and the radiating power which favour the passage of humidity.


Neutralizes ammonia and denatured proteins, two principle causes of odor.


Light (18 – 21 mmHg) Compression Stockings:

–           For prevention of venous disease,

–           For slight varicosis without oedema and for early varicosis in pregnancy,

–           The diseases such as diabetes and rheumatism which lead to venous weakness and loss of elasticity,

–           For treatment after vein operations,

Medium (23 – 32 mmHg) Compression Stockings:

–           For pronounced varicosis with a tendency to oedema,

–           For post-traumatic swelling,

–           For recovery period of simple ulcers,

–           For superficial thrombophelebitis,

–           For treatment after vein operations and scleroteraphy,

–           For pronounced varicosis in pregnancy,

Strong (34 – 46 mmHg) Compression Stockings:

–           For severe conditional and post-thrombotic venous insufficiency,

–           For pronounced varicosis with oedema,

–           For secondary varicosis,

–           For dermatosclerosis,

–           For recovery period of serious and recurrent ulcers (after healing of ulcer),

Extra Strong (over 49 mmHg ) Compression Stockings:

–           For lymphoedema,

–           For elephantiasis,


 Absolute contraindications:

–           Progressive periphery arterial congestion disease,

–           Decompensated heart diseases,

–           Septic phlebitis,

–           Phlegmasia coerulea dolens,

Relative contraindications:

–           Wetting dermatosis,

–           Incompability to compression stocking fabric,

–           Sensibility disturbances of the limb,

–           Progressive periphery neuropathy,